Struggling With Blood Sugar? This Tea Could Help Bring It Down Naturally!

Type 2 Diabetes has become an epidemic… As a diabetic, keeping your blood sugar stable is a daily challenge. No matter how careful you aim to be with diet and activity, you may still suffer from concerning spikes and crashes that leave you drained and could do permanent damage to your body.

Nerve pain, blurry vision, constant thirst…

Brain fog, belly fat, exhaustion, the always-present possibility of a diabetic crisis… it all adds up to a scary and all-encompassing disease to have to manage. When it comes to disease management, type 2 diabetes is mostly about what you can’t have… 

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Sugar. Carbs. Chips. Cream. So many of your favorite foods are now off limits, and you have to think about every bite you take.

What if there were something special you could add to your diet to help manage blood sugar? Something delicious, warm, and soothing…

A cup of Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea!

This tea is a powerful blend of 2 ingredients that are clinically shown to help balance blood sugar, increase circulation, improve insulin sensitivity, and reduce inflammation.

Can This Tea Help Manage My Blood Sugar Levels?

Unlike other teas claiming health benefits, Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea contains a powerful antioxidant called aspalathin that's clinically shown to improve insulin resistance.

This means it helps cells absorb and use insulin properly to balance blood sugar rather than letting it spike out of control after meals. I had my doubts at first, but the LATEST research won me over. Participants in a study saw notable drops revealing the impact of aspalathin and similar compounds on diabetes.

These natural compounds work wonders by boosting insulin signaling and supercharging mitochondrial function! On top of the blood sugar benefits, it also has ZERO CAFFEINE, unlike Green or Black tea varieties.

As a sensitive person, this was a big bonus so I can enjoy it anytime without impacting my sleep or anxiety. And it tastes delicious, sweet, and spicy thanks to rooibos and cinnamon flavors!


Getting Your Blood Sugar Levels Steady Is Life-Changing!

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I used to experience spikes and drops in my blood sugar that affected my mood, my health, and my wellbeing. Now, it’s easier than ever before for me to stay steady… I still follow my doctor’s instructions (and you should, too). But adding this tea to my daily routine has made it so much easier to stay balanced, I’ve seen improvement in all areas.

By improving insulin sensitivity, aspalathin forces cells to properly utilize insulin again. This means when you drink cinnamon rooibos tea routinely, it improves your body’s ability to efficiently process and absorb glucose. 

For me, it’s been about prevention too. By protecting insulin resistance from worsening over time and keeping blood sugar stable, you can lower future diabetes complications risks like nerve issues, skin conditions, eye problems, and cardiovascular disease. It's a vital key for longevity and sustained health. I’ll take that over-exhausting rollercoaster blood sugar any day!

Metabolism Boosting Magic

Unleash the remarkable potential of anthocyanins found abundantly in our Slimming Purple Tea. These natural antioxidants have been shown to support metabolism by enhancing your body's energy expenditure.

As you enjoy each cup, you're providing your metabolism with a gentle nudge, promoting efficient calorie burning.

Balanced Energy Levels

Say goodbye to energy crashes and hello to sustained vitality. Unlike many caffeine-loaded beverages, our Purple Tea offers a natural energy boost without the jittery side effects.

Experience steady energy levels that help you power through your day, all while supporting your weight management goals.

Aiding Fat Oxidation

Our tea not only revs up your metabolism but also encourages your body to utilize fat stores as an energy source.

This means that with every delightful sip, you're encouraging your body to tap into its fat reserves, assisting you on your weight loss journey.

Mindful Eating Companion

The act of savoring a cup of Purple Tea can be a mindful ritual that aids in portion control and mindful eating.

By taking moments to enjoy the flavors and aromas of this unique tea, you're fostering a deeper connection with your body's hunger and fullness cues.

Flavorful and Unique

Experience a delightful twist to your tea ritual. Our Slimming Purple Tea boasts a distinctive flavor profile reminiscent of white tea, accented by a delightful raspberry undertone.

Indulge your taste buds while nourishing your body, all in one tantalizing sip.

Harmony of Holistic Wellness

Our Slimming Purple Tea embodies a holistic approach to wellness.

Not only does it assist you in managing your weight, but its antioxidant-rich composition also supports your overall well-being, nurturing your body from the inside out.

Elevate Your Weight Loss Journey Today!

Make a choice that aligns with your aspirations for a healthier, more vibrant life. Embrace the power of anthocyanin-rich purple tea leaves and ignite your metabolism with our Purple Tea.

With every sip, you're embracing the essence of holistic wellness, nourishing your body and fostering balance.

Well-Known Researchers Stand by Cinnamon Rooibos and Aspalathin for Insulin Sensitivity

Researchers have published extensive data on cinnamon rooibos and aspalathin's effects on insulin resistance in diabetics. The numbers don’t lie - noticeable drops in blood glucose levels were consistently observed in study groups when compared to the control.

For someone very picky about what I put into my body, that legitimate science sealed the deal. It’s both natural and effective… no scary side effects. I started drinking a cup of this tea before every meal, and noticed fewer blood sugar spikes.

Between legit clinical trials and seeing my own stabilization first-hand after years of struggling… I’m a HUGE believer in the natural ability of Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea to help those with type 2 Diabetes and pre-diabetes manage blood sugar!


Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Have Become an Epidemic

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Today, 70% of adults are overweight and 40% have pre-diabetes. This is a national emergency… but no one’s talking about it. Rather than looking into the true cause of this epidemic, the “powers that be” continue to blame lifestyle… meaning, they’re blaming the victim.

Something is changing the way our bodies process food, and it’s more than likely the way our food is being grown along with the chemicals used in both farming and production.

In the meantime, they keep saying “diet and exercise” are the answer. But Americans spent over 3.4 billion dollars on diets in 2023 alone, and the obesity rates only climbed. Big Pharma would like to keep you stuck on medications that cost a fortune and have scary side effects… forcing you to live with needles, big medical bills, and dependance on the pharmacy.

It’s no wonder people dealing with Type 2 and insulin resistance feel helpless and hopeless so much of the time!

But cinnamon rooibos and its aspalathin gives you a simple, natural way to take control over your health. By working directly on insulin resistance, it fights the issue causing blood sugar imbalance, giving you a leg up. Think of it as a primary defense against the main problem.

No more feeling helpless and frustrated when diet and exercise alone fall short! And, for those who have Type 2 in their families or are struggling with insulin resistance or pre-diabetes, this is the perfect way to start TODAY as a preventative measure!

My Only Regret Is Not Starting Sooner!

Honestly, at first, it felt intimidating to commit to yet another routine which I worried would disappoint. And brewing tea twice a day felt like it was too “easy.” Could something so simple really do any good?

But, desperate for better control, after reading about the detailed blood sugar benefits of this tea I figured I had nothing to lose.

Now I’m kicking myself for waiting so long!

It blends perfectly into my schedule either first thing in the morning or after dinner when I most need protection. Some days, I drink a cup before every meal.

pexels-vlada-karpovich-6802983 (1).jpg__PID:443148d4-bfb9-4259-8e72-24314217d4f2

I’ve quickly learned that, despite how simple it is to prepare and drink this tea, the difference is huge. And the longer I continue the habit of daily Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea, the better I feel!

Neglecting your health today always costs you tomorrow. The time to start battling insulin resistance is right now, whether you’re already dealing with high blood sugar or are determined to prevent problems in the future.

The truth is, it's never too late AND it’s never too early!

Once I made my tea habit a consistent priority, I started seeing real rewards.

No More Excuses - Avoid Type 2 Diabetes, Organ Damage, and Insulin Resistance

Small lapses, increasing blood sugar, and poor control today can quickly spiral into insulin dependency and big risks tomorrow… if you don't protect yourself.

Diabetes can lead to miserable nerve pain, blindness, wounds that won’t heal, amputations, heart disease, stroke, kidney damage, and worse.

Everything you can do to manage blood sugar helps you avoid these complications… And, since 40% of us are pre-diabetic (many of whom are not aware of their condition), EVERYONE could benefit from a daily habit of drinking this insulin-support tea.

There are no negative side effects. It’s healthy, affordable, and so very simple…

So whether you’re newly diagnosed, fighting early warning signs, or wanting to avoid future blood sugar problems, Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea delivers key antioxidant activity exactly when cells need it most. Don't rely only on luck to have better health—solid evidence shows that powerful prevention today can protect you tomorrow!


Finally, an All-Natural Solution Without Side Effects or Restrictive Diabetic Routine to Follow!


Basically, insulin resistance prevents cells from taking in glucose properly. The aspalathin in this tea acts on receptors regulating blood sugar absorption so cells again utilize insulin as they should.

By improving insulin uptake, blood glucose levels then lower since glocose is being properly stored rather than dangerously spiking from poor insulin processing.

Simply sip a cup of this tea twice a day, or for maximum effect 30 minutes before each meal.

It couldn’t be simpler!

REAL People, REAL Results


Jessica, a busy working professional and mother, had struggled with her weight for years.

“With all the numerous tries to shed those extra pounds, this fasting tea finally worked. I took slimming pills for a month before, and I only lost 1 pound. After a week of sipping this delicious tea, I noticed the numbers on the scale started dropping consistently. All those toxins I’ve accumulated for years were gently flushed out. Yes, gently, only because this is my only fasting buddy with absolutely no side effects.”



Faith had been struggling with her weight since his teenage years.

“Like many obese people out there, I tried various diets and exercise routines without much success. Not until my husband went to India and brought home this aromatic fasting tea blend did things change. Not only did it curb my hunger cravings but also provided me with an energy boost throughout the day, something no other diet had ever done before!”



Rowan is a fitness enthusiast aiming to achieve his dream physique.

“I was just searching for something to complement my rigorous training program. I have heard about intermittent fasting being beneficial for weight loss but never considered incorporating it into my routine due to concerns about energy levels during workouts. However, with the use of Ayurvedic Gourmet Tea, I honestly reap similar benefits without compromising the essential nutrients that my body needs.”



You're probably thinking that considering how hard it is to get ahold of, this fat-burning tea from ancient healing traditions has to cost around $80 or $100. But NO, you won't pay crazy marked-up prices like many people do (even for less effective diet teas).

Now everyone can experience increased energy, reduced cravings, and cleansed vitality for a fraction of the cost of prescriptions, supplements, or diet apps. So why invest hundreds in the latest unsustainable slim-down schemes that only work short term, when you could get a safe, all-natural brew for maximum results instead?

Here Are Other Health Benefits of Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos South African Tea

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Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea is great for blood sugar balance, but that’s not all the benefits that come with this incredible natural remedy! Here are some other important benefits of this powerful medicinal tea:

Stress Reliever.png__PID:d932eedc-6701-4635-a002-a95887e3c256

Blood sugar control

Studies have shown that rooibos helps regulate blood glucose levels by improving insulin sensitivity.

Heart Health Guardian.png__PID:a06d14d9-32ee-4c67-81d6-35e002a95887

Heart health

The flavonoids found in rooibos contribute to reducing the risk of heart disease by promoting healthy cholesterol levels.

Metabolism Boost (2).png__PID:13c154c6-8e80-4236-815c-16d6a661a620

Digestive support

Rooibos possesses anti-inflammatory properties that aid digestion and alleviate common digestive issues such as bloating or stomach cramps.

Metabolism Boost (3).png__PID:72ca526a-2148-4f44-9b61-0db80edf6bbc

Skin rejuvenation

Antioxidants present in rooibos fight free radicals responsible for premature aging—resulting in smoother skin and reduced wrinkles.

Energy Enhancer.png__PID:89a06d14-d932-4edc-a701-d635e002a958

Immune system booster

Loaded with vitamins and minerals, rooibos strengthens the immune system to fight seasonal illnesses.

Improved Digestion.png__PID:bc5e1063-d1bc-4ff2-868c-78da711e19ea

Weight Management Support

Sipping on this low-calorie beverage can aid weight loss efforts due to its natural appetite suppressant abilities.

Weight Management.png__PID:eedc6701-d635-4002-a958-87e3c2566284

Bone health support

Rooibos tea contains vital minerals like calcium, manganese, and fluoride, which are essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones. Regular consumption may help prevent conditions such as osteoporosis.

Immune Buster.png__PID:6d14d932-eedc-4701-9635-e002a95887e3

Better sleep quality

Rooibos contains no caffeine—an ideal choice for those looking to improve their sleep patterns without disrupting their slumber cycle.


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All It Takes Is a Daily Cup of This Earthy South African Tea - It’s as Simple as That!

glamour-african-american-woman-yellow-dress-sitting-table-with-dishes-restaurant-with-mobile-phone-hand (1).jpg__PID:4d074f26-0031-4b6c-899c-415b9bf50d4b

The great part is cinnamon rooibos fits seamlessly into any routine! Simply steep a bag just like regular tea for 5-7 minutes. I drink one cup in the morning and another after dinner when blood sugar tends to spike highest. That’s it!

Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea tastes delicious. Sipping a warm cup is soothing… a great way to relieve stress. Or, prepare it according to the package and then pour it over ice for a refreshing pick-me-up!

Right now, we want to make it as easy for you to say yes to managing your blood sugar as possible. So when you try our Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea, you get 180 days to see the difference... See if you enjoy its insulin-supporting benefits and its delicious taste.

If you're not 100% satisfied... for any reason... just return the tea, and we'll refund your money, no questions asked! It works. It's easy to incorporate into your routine. It's delicious. And with our guarantee, you've got nothing to lose... Except for blood sugar spikes, energy crashes, and the struggle of dealing with diabetes-related issues!

Our Satisfied Customer Reviews

Alma U.

  • Verified Purchase

Sweet without the spike!

"I gave up traditional sugary drinks long ago as a diabetic, so I love having a sweet cinnamon tea that also helps me control those frustrating spikes and drops."

Nina R.

  • Verified Purchase

Now I can keep cravings in check deliciously!

“My insatiable sugar cravings were out of control before this tea entered my life.”

Marco T.

  • Verified Purchase

Diabetes no more!

“This tea gives me energy without any sudden drops later and my endocrinologist is amazed at my A1C now!"

Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea
Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea
Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea
Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea
Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea
Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea
Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea
Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea
Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea
Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea
Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea
Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea
Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea
Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea

“But the proof is in the numbers, my bloodwork is the best it's ever been thanks to daily cups of this tasty tea!”

-  Savannah P.

"I finally have achieved insulin independence thanks to incorporating this amazing tea."

- Heather G.

“Cinnamon was already one of my favorite spices - but now that I know it can help stabilize my blood sugar too!”

- Amina J.

Insulin Balance Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea








Any Reason Refund Guarantee

98% of our customers LOVE our products, but just in can rest assured that you’re making a risk-free purchase with our Any Reason Refund Guarantee.

In the highly unlikely event that you're not completely happy with your purchase, just let us know within 180 days and we'll refund your money for any reason... It's that simple.

So go ahead and give our products a try today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: Sweet Cininamon Rooibos Tea is not meant to replace prescribed medications. If you are diabetic, consult with your doctor about using the tea and continue to monitor blood sugar levels.


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